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Hello, my name is Samantha. I am 31, I am an army wife , A DRILL SERGEANTS WIFE. I have survived 3 deployments and endless field training. Rick and I have been married for 13 years in August. I am a stay at home Mom of 3. Richard is 11, Christianna is 9 and Diana is 4. I am an avid photographer. I have many hobbies as well as photography. I like to read, write, make scrap Kits, posers, write tutorials, I have been creating tags since 2003. I am currently attending school for Digital Photography and Media Arts.
I love creating.. Please come back and visit often..

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So Rick tells me all the time that I am a social butterfly. So I thought I might as well add these to my blogs as well..


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I dont have many Terms of Use.. I just ask that you dont rip apart my tags and tutorials. Claim them as your own. Please respect my work and the time it takes to do so. I have a Wide variety of Pay To Use and Free to Use tutorials. I will be working on Adding Tutorials Using No Scrap Kits. That is a plan and a goal I have set to start here very soon.. If you have questions. Please feel free to email me @ babygirl_0242002@yahoo.com XOXO Samantha

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rockin 'Round the Clock

Scap Kit Rockin Round the Clock @ Envied & Admired Scraps
Mask of choice, I am using mask 97 By Weescotslasscreations


This Tutorial was written on 22 September 2009 By Samantha.
All similarities to this is completely coincidental.

Create new raster layer 600x600

open frame of choice
I am using frame 2
Copy and paste as new layer
resizing by 80%

Open a girl and boy of choice
Copy and paste the girl
resize to your liking and move below your frame
Do the same to the boy..

Grab your eraser tool and erase the parts of
the tubes that are showing oout of the frame

open papers of choice
I am using paper 7 and paper 2
Load layer mask
I am using WSL Mask 97
Paper 2 resize up by 115 % and move
below the 1st paper

Open your record
copy and paste as new layer
resize by 20%

Open your jukebox
copy and paste as new layer
resizing by 30%
Move to the bottom left
Move your record to the top
behind ur jukebox
Duplicate record and move down slightly

Open Music notes2 Copy and paste as new layer
resize by 30%
duplicate 2 time and move around

open Clock 2 copy and paste as new layer
Resize by 20%
Move to the top of your image

Add your name and copyright
Save and your done.
I wanted to keep it pretty simple..


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